Sunday, February 17, 2008

These Could Be a Problem For Me

We have a croisssant thing going on at our house lately. Can't seem to get enough of them. Every Saturday morning, I try to fight the temptation to head down to Sweet Thang to get my croissant fix. But now, I have a significantly better solution . . . frozen mini croissants from Trader Joe's. That's right, from Trader Joe's. And they are frozen. But they are amazing.

First, of all they are not mini. Well, they start out mini but you leave them out to proof overnight and they get HUGE. These little lovelies bake up in twenty minutes. Warm, buttery and puffy. A perfect (although not healthy) breakfast.

I am often skeptical about Trader Joe's frozen items (obviously the ice cream sandwich cookies excepted). I saw the croissants in the store yesterday (while looking for the ice cream sandwiches) and grabbed a box. I think they are a relatively new item. I also just learned that there is also a chocolate variety (good God.)

Do yourself a favor and try some. Croissant heaven. Yummy.


Bethany said...

I was somewhat relieved that my addiction to the Williams Sonoma sticky buns that you introduced me to would be forced to come to an end when we used the last ones over the weekend- but now I will have something new (and more accessible!) to indulge in! Sigh.

dcrmom said...

OMG, I'm so getting some of those!!!!!