Monday, February 4, 2008

Outsmarted Again

Me: "If you eat all of the dinner on your plate, you can be a member of the "clean plate club."

E: "What is that you are talking about? Do they have a clubhouse? Are my friends in the club? Where is the club? Is my little brother in the club? He always eats all his food. What do they give you in this club? What color does your plate have to be? What if you are allergic to milk and can't finish it? Do they play music? Is it in Europe? How am I going to get there? Can we go after bath? I want the clubhouse to be red AND purple." And on. And on.

Me: "Ummm. I am not sure. I think you have to be in the club to know the answers to those questions."

E: "I am not eating this. Your club doesn't sound good."

Me: "Dammit." (Quietly to self, of course.)

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