Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alright Snow . . . That's Enough

More snow for us in Chicago today. February feels endless.

Not one to let the snow deter me, I thought it would be something of a "winter adventure" to take my double stroller out today to walk the two blocks to a little playgroup. Not a good idea. We got stuck about every twenty feet. Not the kind of adventure I had in mind.

Are you looking for a bright distraction from a cold, gloomy February day? I offer a picture of a beautiful girl in a beautiful place with a beautiful sea shell she found with her Dad. Happiness.

Here is to warmer times (they must be on the horizon, right?).


Nicki said...

I, too, am in Chicago, and am sick to death of the snow! I hate walking my dog because I end up falling flat on my but every few feet, thanks to people who don't shovel! (Yeah, you know who you are, you non-shovelers!)

The Hen said...

I totally wiped out on an icy spot in the alley this morning! I can't deal with anymore snow!