Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thank You, Trader Joe

I am a Trader Joe's girl. I love the place. Sure, I have gotten a yucky item here and there. And the fresh produce situation can be pretty dismal some days (Why never any leeks? How am I supposed to make soup? Or quiche?).

But there is lots to love. Ellie is obsessed with pushing her own tiny shopping cart (God help me when Brendan wants to push one too). And she loves to look for the stuffed lion hidden in the store (and is usually successful). The stickers. The balloons. All of the great kids snacks. And most of it is organic too. What is not to like?

But today, I came across the BEST Trader Joe's item EVER: Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches (I swear that I was actually looking for organic frozen peas. I swear.). It is as though an ice cream truck stopped by my house while the kids napped.

Go get some of these as soon as you can (their products are often here one day, and gone the next). They are amazing. Just one contains almost your whole recommended fat and calories for the entire day. But they are amazing. I am going to have to skip dinner because I am so full now, but it was amazing. No regrets on that one. Worth every calorie.

Try one and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Wish I had never tried because now I am hooked- these are delicious!

Hula Bunny said...

Hi there, I loved your write-up about the TJ sublime ice cream sammys, and I referenced your post in my blog. I hope that is OK with you. You can read it at hulabunny.livejournal.com. If you don't approve, I will gladly remove the link. Thanks.

B. said...

I happened upon the ice cream sandwiches while searching for a desert option to replace their strawberry fruit bars that I completely burnt myself out on. "Sure, why not" I thought, completely aware of the fact that they may be sub-par. I had one fo desert after a heaping portion of spaghetti with the Trader Giotto's Tomato Basil Sauce (I never need another sauce). It was all over after that first bite...

POOOOOWWWWW!!!! My pupils probably dilated a little bit, it was like a hit of some crazy drug. I love how you said they used voodoo on it because my immediate reaction was "Holy crap there must be crack in this!". At this very moment I am looking at two of the empty wrappers on my desk. They didn't stand a chance. But all good things much come to an end. They are FAAATTTTYYY and full of calories so this box is my last for a while. I'd stock up, but I know I'd eat them all.

Thanks for sharing! Great blog :)