Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Train, Two Taxis, Quiche and Crepes

I am embarrassed to admit it . . . but Ellie and Brendan have never been on an el train. Worse yet . . I haven't been on the el in over three years . . . because my little guys are always with me (all the steps, the stroller, the electrified rails, my warm car, excuse, excuse, excuse).

David had a lovely idea for a little adventure this morning. With Mr. "I Love All Things Transportation-Related" and Miss "I Want to Ride the Train like my Dad", we headed off to the Damen stop on the Blue Line. And we rode the train three stops to Grand, where we exited . . . and then hopped into a taxi headed for the Jazz Brunch at Bistro 110 (this route made absolutely no sense, but we got there eventually).

Brunch was delightful. The kids split quiche lorraine with pommes frites. David and I had crepes. Live jazz. Ellie somehow ended up with THREE SCOOPS of chocolate gelato. And then we took a taxi home, playing "I Spy" all the way.

Happy Sunday.

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