Friday, November 2, 2007

"I quit"

Our November has been a little sassy so far, mostly due to Ellie's new all-purpose retort: "I quit" (which actually sounds more like "I quick" when she says it, making it even more comical).

She has yet to use it in any context which makes sense. As she says it, she throws her hands up in the air in an exasperated fashion. Her delivery is so full of emotion and flair that I have to go into another room so she can't see my smirk.

A few examples:

Me: "Ellie, please put your soccer clothes on so we can get in the car."
Ellie: "No, I quit soccer clothes"

Me: "Ellie, no more treats. You are going to get a belly ache."
Ellie: "Well, I quit then. SO THERE."

Me: "Ellie, it is time to clean up our toys now."
Ellie: "I already tell you three times . . . I quit."

Me: "El, have a few more sips of your milk."
Ellie: "I quit that milk since yesterday."

Me: "Put the lollipop down. We are not buying that."
Ellie: "I have had it. Now I quit for serious MOM."

Cute today. Certainly not cute a few days from now.

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