Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Almost Turkey Time

Yesterday's post was such a bummer (and Ellie does seem to be intact . . . and happily home with me today) that I feel compelled to post something new in the spirit of moving on.
First up: Do you love this turkey hat? Wouldn't Brendan look adorable in this hat? (Note to self: must devote some time to learning new skills after holiday craziness dies down). Check out this crafty gal's blog if you are inclined to attempt a cute hat like this. She has been kind enough to share the pattern.
Second, if you are getting into the Thanksgiving mood (and wondering how to keep the wee ones busy when they are home with you for the long day), take a peek at my thoughts on Turkey Day with the kiddos.
And tomorrow . . . I have something really good to share.

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