Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Feeding Our Birds

Winter afternoons at our house can be . . . long.
After Ellie and Brendan wake up from their naps around 3:30, we are usually looking for an activity to last until about 5:00 or so when we get some soup started for dinner.
A craft or art project seems to fill this (sometimes cranky) time period quite nicely.

Yesterday afternoon we made pine cone bird feeders for our backyard birds, who we thought might be hungry now that the apple tree has lost its fruit.
Pine cones, peanut butter, bird seed, red raffia and . . . you have homemade bird feeders.
Ellie worked very hard on the project, with beautiful results. Brendan tried to eat a lot of bird seed.
Update: A squirrel has absconded with one (soon to be both) of our pine cones. Ellie is livid.

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Karen said...

Very creative--reminds me of being a kid!!! I love a hen and two chicks!