Thursday, November 29, 2007

Total, Complete Chaos

Eleanor and I are having a magic moment as I write this. We are in the office, listening to Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 on itunes, working side-by-side at the desk while Brendan naps. She is coloring a picture of a horse. I'm doing a bit of blogging . . . and basking in a moment of perfect mommy happiness with my sweet girl.

Here is my planned project for the day:

I am not proud of this. Behold my "kid drawer." This is basically a drawer full of garbage. Plastic garbage. Melamine garbage. It is a graveyard of mismatched sippy-cup tops. I am inclined to take this entire drawer, dump it into the trash, and start over (maybe I should hold on to one or two sippy cups).

I am looking for something a little more civilized and understated than green plastic (but this isn't as easy as I thought it would be). Here is what I have found. This set is a little too "jailhouse" for me. I adore this place setting, and imagine a group of perfectly-behaved children sitting together dining on quiche with a simple green salad while they sketch with their little all-natural crayons or whatever those are.

I think I am just going to order child-sized stainless steel flatware and white porcelain tableware from Michael Olaf. Simple. A definite improvement over my current mess. So long plastic pink spoons.

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