Monday, November 12, 2007

My Little Lover Boy

Brendan is a really, really good hugger. In fact, he gives the best hugs I have ever received. His hugging has made me a better hugger. I'm serious.
A "Brendan Hug" goes something like this: he approaches you with arms open, embraces you and gives you a little squeeze. His hug lingers for a few seconds. It is the best. While he is hugging you, he shuts his eyes and has a totally contented look on his face, like he loves you the most in the world.
And he doesn't just hug me like this - whoever he is hugging gets the same treatment. It is as though he is doing it just to make YOU feel good.
Please, please let my boy always be this sweet.
(Photo credit to Auntie B.)

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Linda Kerr said...

your blog is like mine! Funny. Nice to meet you.