Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Questions About Santa . . . Already?

Eleanor has gone from being totally terrified of Santa Claus to just mildly terrified of Santa Claus.

And as her fear wanes, she has been paying more attention to the big guy (well, big guys actually).

Today, she asked me if the Santa we saw at the Nature Museum a few weeks ago was real or not. Then before I could answer, she said, "Because that Santa didn't look the same as the Santa I saw with Aunt Meg at Navy Pier."

While I said something like brilliant like, "Ummmm, " she (thank God) gave me the answer she was looking for.
"I think that the are both real, even though they looked different," she confidently declared.

"That's right," I said.
Caught totally unprepared again (this is becoming a chronic problem).

So I am wondering . . . . what do you tell your child about Santa Claus? Is every single Santa you see the real deal? Or are the guys who make appearances at the local toy store Santa's "helpers" because he is so busy this time of year?
I am feeling panicked by her questions and I want to get prepared now before some jerk kid at school tells her that his older brother says that Santa isn't even real.

I thought that all of this nonsense was several years off. She is so little.


MamaNeena said...

We joke that as long as you believe in him then he'll be there. We talk about Santa being the spirit of the season, but I'm so not ready to explain any more than that.

Super Ninja Mommy said...

we say those are all santa's helpers, because the real santa is inthe north pole, getting everything ready. My oldest is seven, and this year some kid said there was no santa, and she replied, "Hmph. You're totally on the naughty list."

Baby Bunching said...

great post. We added you to our Baby Bunching this week. Hope there is a baby soon! :-)