Sunday, December 14, 2008

One Last Night Out For the Three of Us

I treated my baby to a really, really lovely dinner and opening night of Puccini's Madame Butterfly at the Chicago Lyric Opera last night (please insert your own fat lady at the opera joke here).

We all had a great time -- which is good because God only knows when we will get out for a date again (April? Probably closer to June?).

I was also glad to be able to provide a full spectacle for all who laid eyes on me (from homeless guys on the street commenting on my girth, to the four waiters at the restaurant who felt the need to escort me to the lady's room, to the usher at the opera who proclaimed, "Woo hoo honey, look at you!").

Now, back to the couch to knit and wait for my baby to find his way out.


Kerry Antos said...

You know I never comment, but you look beautiful! That you were even able to brave a cocktail dress at this stage of the game is awesome! I can't wait for the little baby to join the world...I'm knitting him a little something myself!

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous!
La Traviata is the one and only opera I ever saw.

Mike and Jill said...

WOW! You look fantastic! Really, you do!

Serena said...

You look amazing! Can't wait to meet the little guy in January!