Friday, December 12, 2008

He Loves Her the Best

Eleanor is out-of-town on a two-day adventure with her Grandma and Aunties -- and Brendan is totally miserable without her. Truthfully, it pains me a little bit to acknowledge that she (and I guess therefore not me) is the center of his world.

He has been asking me, "Where Eyyee?" over and over for nearly twenty-four hours now. He went to her room to wake her this morning and demanded to know, "When she comin' back?"

Each time we get into the car, he first asks if he can ride in her booster seat (all situations have their perks) and then wonders, "We goin' pick up Eyee now?"

It is like he is suffering from a bout of toddler depression. David found him sitting alone on the steps this morning, with his chin in his hands, saying, "I sad."

He doesn't really want to play with me -- although it is a rare day when he truly has my undivided attention.
He wants her. She is his most favorite person. That makes me happy for them and hopeful for the future of their relationship.

But it also makes me feel a tad bit . . . marginalized.


MamaNeena said...

You sure have a way of reminding me what a blessing my children are. :o)

Megan Murray said...

poor B!

Meghan Murray said...

Someone new will be here soonto keep you company. Good thing B loves his Eyee.