Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mommy's After School Snack

Nearly every day around 3:00 p.m., I become completely incapacitated by the desire in ingest some sugar. Mmmmmm. Sugar.

Some days I am able to stave off the sugar craving, others days . . . I am not as successful.

Unfortunately for my children (and their nutrition and overall health), my sugar attacks coincide with our afternoon excursion to pick Ellie up from preschool. And more often than I would like to admit, our school pick up is followed by a stop at the corner Starbucks where the kiddos get a chocolate milk box and I get a hot chocolate (skim with no whip, of course).

Yesterday, my sugar problem really escalated when, after picking Ellie up from school, we drove out of our way to Sweet Mandy B's. Simply put, Sweet Mandy B's is the Lincoln Park after school mecca. The scene at this bakery between 2:30 and 3:30 is something to behold. Sugar addict mamas and their offspring lined up out the door waiting to purchase cookies, mud pies, cupcakes and other confections. We got right in line.

We chose cookies to split . . . and they were good. But the whole thing ended up feeling more shameful than anything. Moms indulging their little ones so they can indulge themselves. Me included. I mean, it is so obviously not a good idea to load your little guy up with sugar in the late afternoon. Tomorrow, apples and cheese cubes for after school snack for us.

A Mommy . . . repenting.

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Selfmademom said...

A ha- this is why you need to schedule the post-nap playdate. Because then you can indulge in goldfish, not chocolate cupcakes. It's so much better that way!