Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Bit About Jamie Oliver (And Why I Love Him)

I have a had a crush on Jamie Oliver for a long time. The handsome husband knows all about it. And he thinks I am a big dork for liking Jamie Oliver because, well . . . Jamie Oliver is kind of a dork too. Which is exactly why I like him. I love the way he sort of fumbles and bumbles around the kitchen in such an unassuming way. Just cute.

Years ago, I was a devotee of his old cooking show where he would speed around London on his moped gathering ingredients and then invite all of his interesting-looking friends over to his amazing flat for a fabulous meal. I always wished I was invited (I know, I know, it was obviously all staged for the show but it still looked fun).

Anyway, what I am getting at here is . . . Jamie is back! You can't even imagine my delight when I stumbled across his new cooking show called Jamie at Home on the Food Network (which hasn't done a thing for me in years - save for the occasional Barefoot Contessa rerun here and there).

So I watched his new show and. . . I am still totally smitten. I don't love every single recipe and some of his ideas certainly don't translate well to real life (i.e. smoking salmon in an old biscuit tin with herbs and wood shavings usually reserved for your pet rabbit's cage? What?). But some recipes do seem worth a go. Definitely going to try Butternut Squash Muffins with a Frosty Top (simply cannot resist an opportunity to reintroduce butternut squash to picky little eaters again - this time with frosting!). Good to see you, Jamie.

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