Sunday, November 7, 2010

Collie Bear

Colin can talk now. He communicates his thoughts, observations and needs with (relative) clarity. These new verbal developments make him even cuter (in my opinion).

However, he is a wee bit demanding. For example, he uses his new-found words to say things like:
  • "New song right now!" (when we are driving around town and the children's music isn't to his liking)
  • "Want two lollies" (he has two hands so he obviously needs a lollipop for each)
  • "Keep my jammie pants on" (when he refuses to remove his pajamas each and every morning)
  • "More sausa, peeeeese." (As he finishes up his third breakfast sausage of the day)
  • "My my, where are youuuuuu!" (while searching his house for his beloved blanket "my my")
  • "Night night in mama bed dada bed, peeeeeese! (No Colin. Just no.)
Things are going to be very interesting with this two year-old boy, me thinks.


Bethany said...

cutest picture!!

Megan Murray Elsener said...

that picture is to die for. can't wait to spend time with him tomorrow!

Serena said...

You have your hands full there with your tykester. But an adorable tykester he is!

Jennifer said...

How funny! I love his sayings! I can't believe how much he is talking! He has grown up so much!