Sunday, December 27, 2009

His First Birthday

We feted little Colin today on the occasion of his first birthday. He is still recovering from pneumonia so he wasn't exactly the exuberant baby boy that he usually is. But we celebrated any way.

He wore his adorable new t-shirt and played with his birthday balloons.

Grandma and Aunt Bethany whipped up a delicious birthday dinner -- complete with a snowflake spice cake for our winter baby.

He even reluctantly wore a party hat.

And played with his new music box.

But he still has pneumonia. So he mostly wanted to cuddle and be held.

Looking forward to a healthier second birthday for our baby.


Meghan Murray said...

Happy Birthday Colin! We are missing you...get well soon.

2KoP said...

What a gorgeous cake. Happy birthday to Colin's mom, who, after all, did most of the hard work that day.