Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Sauce

Start by letting your baby select the best apples from the basket.

Then let the fun begin.

Prep your apples. This is an item that no household should be without. It peels. It cores. It cuts apples into fun slinky shapes. It delights and amazes children.

After boiling the apples, put them through a food mill to achieve the perfect apple sauce texture.

Stir in brown sugar to taste and plenty of cinnamon.

Store in glass jars with beautiful, handmade labels to proudly display your backyard applesauce.

Thanks to Brendan and Finn for making a ton of applesauce with me.


Tan Family said...

Love this! I've always wanted one of those corer/peeler/slicer things. :)

Megan Murray said...

so fun!

Formerly Gracie said...

What a perfectly yummy autumn treat! You're right, that apple peeler is a definitely a must-have.

Bethany said...

Nice work - a perfect fall project! Love the pics of all of your little helpers :)