Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Mother's Work

made pancakes
and bacon
extracted splinter
played with horses and firefighters
kissed Daddy goodbye
drank too much coffee
nursed baby (repeat eight to ten times)
made my daily attempt to combat the laundry onslaught
canceled trip to the zoo because of rain
talked to mother-in-law on phone
took a thirty second shower
made three beds
wiped marker off the wall with one of those magic sponge things
blew up the slide for the backyard kiddie pool
told Ellie that I would be happy to watch her babies while she played hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins when she grows up
went to post office
got groceries
received unexpected freelance check in mail
decided to use it to open savings account for Colin
made grilled cheese, strawberries and smoothies for lunch
wondered what it is about the show Calliou that the kids like
provided bathroom assistance
vacuumed under couch (yuck)
put a Deigo bandaid on someone's face at his request
made an appointment to have a massage on my birthday
took a thirty minute nap with the baby
administered antibiotics to myself and Brendan
watched happy children splish and splash
coaxed Colin into swallowing a few bites of banana rice cereal
grilled (and unfortunately burned) chicken
cleaned yogurt smoothie out of crevices in my table and deck
let kids have ice cream for dessert
clipped the baby's lethal finger nails
bathed three monkeys
said no, don't, and stop too many times today
forcibly brushed Brendan's teeth
played janitor by cleaning up a million broken pieces of glass
and then played nurse while getting the glass out of one small foot (ouch)
read The Jungle Book
convinced daughter that it would be uncomfortable to sleep with her butterfly wings on
kissed three sleepy heads
told the dishwasher to work its magic
tried to type a coherent thought
gave up
took an extra minute to floss
closed eyes.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

This is so true and real and very coherent... : )


MamaNeena said...

I think you deserve a massage and a vacation!

Susan Busch said...

Great (and reassuring) reading! I love how blog posts like this can remind us that we are not alone -- that somewhere, another mom is experiencing a day of trials and victories much like our own.

2KoP said...

Flossing, vacuuming and laundry all in the same day? My, you are productive.