Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Me in Mindful Metropolis

This is the June issue of Mindful Metropolis. See where it says "Got Green Kids?" right on the cover there? I wrote that story.

Mindful Metropolis is a new magazine from the staff of the former Conscious Choice. I really support their desire to create a Chicago-focused magazine for like-minded Chicago folks.

I hope you'll pick it up and have a look (I usually get mine from Whole Foods).


Cindy Fey said...

Yeah, Caitlin! Good for you - looking forward to reading!

Tim Winkler said...

Great job Caitlin. I love all the chicago-focused resources! for your readers, they can find a list of where to pick up a copy at this link:

Tim from Mindful Metropolis.

2KoP said...

Hooray for the Hen! Plus, it was great to meet you at the CMB brunch. I remembered after I got home that you were the fellow Wolverine.



Christine said...


You did a fantastic job on the story. Thanks for the great coverage and mentioning the network too. A good, comprehensive list!