Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Spring Break Breakdown

We went to Room2Play.

We've been to Day Frog.

We recycled our old crayons.

We checked out every Biscuit book at the Bucktown/Wicker Park Public Library.

We've played game and after game.

We made (and then devoured) homemade soft pretzels

(Insert dramatic panting sounds to indicate total exhaustion).

And spring break is only halfway over.

Up next . . . checking out Hobbitland, a picnic lunch with friends at the park, planting lettuce and radish seeds, a fairy princess tea party, a sleepover, and much more, no doubt.



Meghan Murray said...

I'm glad that Finn's rockstar tatoo made the photo....the pretzels were delicious!

Tan Family said...

Great pics! Beautiful bread. I love your crayons, too. We've been melting our crayons in muffin tins this week! Some of them crack, though...any advice? We heat at 350, let cool a few minutes, then in the freezer 1/2 hour.