Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Think I Am Going To Try To Be a Little Bit Prettier.

Based on my limited experiences with spa treatments, I have concluded that there are two types of spa service providers.

There is the lady who says that you are beautiful and she is just going to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that to make you all the more lovely. After said service, you walk out thinking, "I am pretty."

And then there is the lady who reacts with complete horror when she learns that your skin care "regime" doesn't include toner and suggests that you enlist the services of a dermatologist to tend to your myriad of skin troubles. Unfortunately, during a facial last weekend, I came into contact with a flawless-faced lady who wreaked havoc on my already shaky, postpartum confidence. I walked out feeling pretty dumpy (and also a bit perplexed by how I could have so many pimples AND wrinkles on my face at the same time).

My skin care "regime" is very similar to my hair care "regime," my body hair control "regime," and my nail care "regime" -- I don't really have much time to tend to ANY of it. Sure, I get a pedicure from time to time. I haven't had my hair cut or highlighted in four months. Most days I shower and brush my teeth. Maybe moisturizer if I remember. That is about it (except for under eye concealer which I never leave the house without).

These personal care activities often take place with a little person in the bathroom with me who is either asking for help wiping his bum or causing the sink to overflow.

My facial experience has prompted me to schedule some "mommy maintenance" time into my schedule. My goal is to spend ten minutes a day doing something to make myself a little bit more attractive and clean.

Maybe I'll take the disgusting, cracked nail polish off my toes or slather a little lotion on my cracked knuckles. I even hope to break out the tweezers and tend to my eyebrows. (I am painting a pretty picture for you, aren't I?).

I believe that the other moms out there know of what I speak, right?

Here is to a prettier week.


Jenn said...

I go through fits and starts with grooming, I guess depending on how my week is going. Sometimes I'm great - shaved and plucked, smelling great. Other weeks, though - its hair everywhere and a shower every other day.
Nice to know I'm not the only one, and I like your plan to spend just a little bit of time on yourself every day.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Oh yes. I do feel your pain.