Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Waldorf Birthday Ring

Many of you find your way to my blog because you are looking for information about Waldorf birthday rings (at least that is what Sitemeter tells me). I thought I would follow up and write about the Waldorf birthday ring I ended up choosing for our family birthday celebrations.

Here it is (minus the candles so you can better see the individual pieces). I bought it from The Wooden Wagon. We used our ring to celebrate Ellie's birthday last week and we will use it again to fete Brendan in the coming week. I bought pieces that represent both of their experiences in the past year.

Our ring includes: the numbers four and two, a little house to represent our new house, a horse for Ellie's fondness for all things equine, a ballerina in honor of Ellie's dance exploits, daffodils to remind us of playing in our new backyard, a tree similar to our apple tree, a choo choo train in homage to Brendan's love of all things transportation-related, and a dolphin in honor of our happy times spent on Sanibel Island.

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