Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Nest

I saw a great nest and eggs here a few days ago. I thought we could probably figure out how to do something like that. And although I haven't done our taxes yet and freelance deadlines loom, I spent the whole day yesterday working on this project with my assistant Ellie.
We made the nest by weaving together vines from our backyard. To make the felted eggs, I generally followed the directions here. The craft store didn't have any wool roving in robin's egg blue, so we used this very pretty blue instead. We loved the wet felting process and now have big plans for felted eggs for Easter.

A sweet little project, don't you think?


Ella said...

Caitlin, it looks great! Thanks for posting me the link so i could come and check out your version. Really sweet. We have another slightly larger one now to nest some hardboiled and naturally dyed eggs.

Lindsay Lebresco said...

So cute. I love crafts but my husband calls them "half-assed" because they are either bad or I only finish them halfway. But I at least always try... These are on my list!