Monday, March 3, 2008

My March

Here is what I have in mind for the next 31 days or so . . . .

On the Food Front:

Baking Bread. I have always wanted to be able to make my own bread. Actually, I would really love to be able to competently make at least three kinds of bread (baguette, brioche or challah, and a whole grain). Kneading is one of my all-time favorite activities (I could happily make homemade pasta for hours). So moving on to breads seem like a natural next step. The folks at Gourmet Magazine were kind enough to feature a recipe for a brioche-like bread in this month's issue (ideal timing!). But I am looking for recommendations for other tried-and-true recipes from seasoned bakers out there. Anyone? Anyone?

Easter. I am hosting an Easter celebration for a few family members who will be in town. Probably brunch. Now, I just need to plan the menu and decide on the table settings, etc. Hosting a holiday seems so adult-like (and a little intimidating).

More Vegetables. For ALL of us. I regret to say that I have become a little bit lazy on the nutrition front. We have been fattening up on braised meats and hearty soups. Periodically, I have to rededicate myself to pushing the veggies on my little guys (after the second or third, "Yuck, I am not trying that," I tend to fatigue). We could all stand to incorporate a few more fresh veggies into the menu. For myself, I am trying to have a few raw vegetables with dip for lunch. Homemade veggie cream cheese ("confetti cream cheese") on bagels for the kids for snacks. And my old standby -- sneaking all sorts of cut up veggies into quesadillas.

On the Home Front:

Our First Ever Easter Egg Hunt. I don't care how cold it is on March 23rd. We have a yard, so we are having an Easter Egg Hunt -- even if the eggs are hidden in snow.

Planning Our Garden. Possibilities. Possibilities. Thinking about what to plant where is keeping me awake at night. I hurry to the mailbox each day, hoping to find seed catalogs I have ordered.

Clutter Control. I am determined to venture into my complete disaster of a closet this month. Donate. Throw away. Repeat.

On the Work Front:

Expanding My Horizons. I published my first piece in Chicago Parent this month -- and more to come in the April and May issues. I also hope to have a few small articles in the next issue of Going Places Magazine. Next is getting up the courage to pitch some ideas to national parenting magazines. Gulp. We'll see how it goes.

How are you spending your time this March?


Aunt Meg said...

Easter Egg Hunt-- count me in!

The Hen said...

We would never have an Easter egg hunt without you, Meg!

selfmademom said...

Too funny- I started my spring cleaning, er, rampage tonight. Congrats on the writing gigs! I have a thing or two to learn from you on that front... way to go!