Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Housewife

I woke up today to the news that Barack lost in Texas (How? How?). I was seriously sad for about an hour or so.

But things are looking up now. Here are a few reasons why:
(1) The sun is out. The temperature is in the high thirties -- downright balmy for these parts. I thought it was going to snow yesterday. But it didn't. A reprieve for now.

(2) Turns out my ranting about eating the last grapefruit yesterday was all for naught. Shortly after that post, the doorbell rang and a nice delivery man brought our Harry and David fruit of the month (a great gift, by the way). Guess what was in the box? Grapefruits. It is as if the Grapefruit God himself heard my pleas. So I am set in the grapefruit department for a few more days.

(3) I have been cleaning like a crazy person. This is unlike me. I usually neglect all my housewife responsibilities because I get distracted with other things like . . . blogging. But today, I am making progress. Vacuuming. Waxing my kitchen table. Cleaning out the fireplace. Repairing the rocking chair. Dusting. Laundering. Organizing my shoes. Productive.

(4) Brendan and I sat by the back door looking for planes and birds for about forty-five minutes. Lucky for him, we seem to be right under an O'Hare flight pattern. "Nane in iyyyyy" over and over.

(5) After we pick up Ellie from school, we are going to try out a new gelato place as "research" for a story I am working on. Research. Can you beat that?

Another good day.

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