Monday, October 29, 2007

Sad News on the Pumpkin Front

I had planned to try lots of new pumpkin recipes this month. But our October has been somewhat unpredictable due to several bouts of illness so I haven't done much baking. Yesterday, I had a little free time so Ellie and I made chocolate chip pumpkin muffins (a recipe from the Angry Chicken).

The results are yummy. But it turns out nobody in my family likes pumpkin but me. And now I have about twenty chocolate chip pumpkin muffins to eat.

I had no idea that pumpkin would be so unpalatable to my whole group (honestly what is not to like?). When Ellie saw me putting the canned pumpkin in the mixing bowl, she screamed, "Mama, why you doing that? Stop! Stop!" And then she cried on the kitchen floor until I offered her a bowl of chocolate chips as a consolation.

David isn't too interested in sweets so I didn't really think he would be into this project.

But Brenden really surprised me. I have now offered a muffin to him on two occasions, with no success (and a lots of messy spit-out muffin on the floor). "Yuck."

So no more pumpkin, I guess. When I was putting Ellie to bed last night, she told me, "Mom, I still had fun cooking with you today even though you made something really disgusting."

Thanks, El.

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