Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I let Ellie watch Dancing With The Stars last night. . . and tonight (she wanted to see the results from last night's show). Not a good idea. I know, I know.

After Brendan was tucked into his bed, Ellie and I could have spent our alone time coloring together, baking, working on a craft, maybe tidying her room. Instead, we danced the quickstep in our kitchen (our version) while watching age-inappropriate television.

I am not much for tv around here (much less reality tv on abc). We have too many other things to do. Plus, I never seem to want to watch anything that's on (a smidge of college football, post-season baseball, and Project Runway aside).

But the girl loves to dance. She loves sequined clothing and crazy hair. She loves an orchestra.

A few choice comments from our viewing:

"We need to keep practicing our tango, Mommy."

"If I go to bed, how will the stars dance without me?"

"When I go on this show, I gonna wear a red dress."

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