Monday, November 9, 2009

TruKid: A Review

The more I learn about all of the junk in most conventional personal care products, the more disgusted I am -- particularly when in comes to products for babies and children.

I just want to give my kids a non-toxic bath. Is that too much to ask? I shouldn't need to have chemistry and medical degrees in order to understand what these ingredients are and whether or not they are safe for my kids.

A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to review TruKid products. I usually pass on these sorts of things but I have been shopping around for a brand of kid's bath products that I could feel good about. Plus, a mommy started this company and I am a sucker for that. So I figured that I would give TruKid products a try.

I am so glad I did. I have finally found bath products for my kids that do the following things: (1) get them clean (2) make them smell good and (3) don't leave them swimming in a sea of harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals. Plus, these products are affordable.*

I tried the Silly Shampoo, Cool Conditioner, Friendly Face Wash, Bubbly Body Wash, Happy Face & Body Lotion, Hero Stick and Spiffy Spearmint Natural Lip Balm.

The ingredient list is full of regular words that anyone could understand -- everything is spelled right out for you. You'll recognize items such as aloe vera, essential oils, kelp, coconut, and chamomile. TruKid products are all paraben, phthalate and SLS free (see here if you want to know more about why these substances are not so great for your kids to be splish splashing around in).

When I put these products to the test in the tub, I was very pleased with the results. My five-year-old daughter thought it was fabulous to have the chance to use conditioner and face wash in addition to the shampoo and body wash (really "grown up" she said). I liked the easy-to-use pumps and the pleasant smell of the products. And my kids were clean and ready to be tucked into their beds. Just a nice bath without any of the yucky stuff.

* I was not paid to say any of these things. TruKid just sent me some of their products and I gave them a try. Apparently, you need to be clear about these things in the mommy blogger world now.

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Bobby said...

Thank you for your information on kids products. So many of them are overpriced, don't do the job they are supposed to do and are toxic. Finding the right products is a godsend. Thank you for your suggestions.