Monday, November 30, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Makes Her First Visit to our House

Eleanor lost her first tooth yesterday. After weeks of fretting about whether it would hurt, refusing to let me look at it or touch it, and an insistence on eating only soft foods in an effort to keep the tooth intact, the little tooth fell out while Ellie was reading to her babysitter.

Ellie thought that the tooth might have wanted to get out of her mouth because she was talking so much.

We put the tooth into her special "tooth fairy pouch" embroidered with her initial. Ellie drew a picture of her building a snowman with the tooth fairy flying overhead as an additional offering. Brendan suggested that she leave some money for the tooth fairy as an inducement. Ellie thought that sounded sensible so they put a penny in a plastic baggie and added it to the growing collection under her pillow.

This morning, Brendan ran into my room and declared that the tooth fairy hadn't come. He hadn't heard anything. He woke Ellie and she checked under her pillow to discover that the penny and artwork were gone and the pouch contained $3 instead of her tooth.

Both of them were appropriately wowed and amazed. Brendan has officially begun the countdown to when he loses his first tooth -- maybe when he is four years-old, he hopes.


Meghan Murray said...

That is great! Hilarious. She is so old...

Bethany said...

I love Brendan's money suggestion. They are too cute!!

Hen Party Ideas said...

Loved it. I wrote my son a letter from his fairy, gave her a name (Dropsybell). We kept up the pretence for quite a while until he finally twigged.

Stacey Marie Hall :) said...

Crying laughing :)
I adore your family!

Eddie Storms said...

Wow, you must be so proud to have such a beautiful daughter. And a brave one too! Most kids would cry over a lost tooth, but she was able to hold it up like a grown lady. It's funny how dentistry can bring out the real personality of people. It can even make the bravest man here in Atlanta cry over a root canal. I admit, I've cried in a dentist's chair myself. Lucky for you, your daughter belongs in the brave kind.