Monday, November 2, 2009

Mini Massages in Mindful Metropolis

Shortly after Ellie was born almost six (what!!!) years ago, I signed up for an infant massage class. I was mostly motivated by the desire to meet other Chicago moms -- and I did. But I also discovered that babies love massages -- and this type of interaction is so, so good for them (and parents too).

Ever since this introduction to infant massage, I have been known to regularly break out a jar of grapeseed oil and massage my babes (and my big kids too). All of my children love massages -- whether it is a full rub down for baby Colin or a hand massage for Ellie as we sit together on the couch watching a baseball game.

I love this topic so much that I wrote a story about it for the November issue of Mindful Metropolis. Have a look (and check out that cute baby in the photo -- not mine, but still really cute).

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Bethany said...

Great article! Another added perk of infant massage- Colin literally has the softest skin EVER :)