Friday, October 23, 2009

I drive my kids to school in my pajamas.

Somebody out there please say that you do this too. Anyone? Maybe even occasionally?

I don't know how this has happened -- but I have become that mom who drives her kids to school wearing the same clothes that she slept in. Every day.

It has certainly never been my goal to be the most stylish mom at school in the mornings. There are the working mommies looking lovely in their suits and heels. Then there are the put-together mommies who are at least wearing make up and a bra. And then there are the moms like me who -- on a good day -- maybe brushed their teeth before pulling out of the garage.

I never thought that our morning routine would be so chaotic that I would have to sacrifice basic hygiene and the most minimal fashion sense in order to simply deliver my children at their school in advance of the tardy bell. But we are seven weeks into the school year already and I simply cannot figure out how to get up early enough to take a shower and put on clean clothes before we all have to hop in the car at 7:30 am.

Colin usually wakes up sometime between 5:40 and 6:00 wanting to nurse. By the time we've wrapped up his sleepy snack session, Brendan is awake informing me that he needs to use the bathroom and that he is hungry for his mango strawberry smoothie.

We all head down for breakfast. I pack up the lunches, drink six cups of coffee, empty the dishwasher, and then it is time to herd the whole group back upstairs to brush hair and teeth and get dressed.

Inevitably, I glance at my watch and realize that we all have to be in the car and moving in about three minutes or the kids are going to be late. This is when I throw on my ugly, shapeless fleece jacket over my Lululemon yoga pants (whatever -- they are pajamas), grab some flip flops and we head out.

Luckily (for the sake of my kids, other parents and school staff), both schools have "Kiss and Fly" drop off lines so I remain in my vehicle in my jammies.

The other fashion victim in this whole thing is Colin -- who never even stands a chance of getting his clothes changed before we have to head out the door. He wears footed jammies until at least 10:30 am most days.

I recognize that the obvious answer to this dilemma is to get up earlier -- like 5:00 am. I could shower, whip up some scrambled eggs for breakfast and maybe even get in a few yoga poses before the rest of the family wakes up.

Totally not going to happen though. Did you see how dark it was this morning? For now, pj's it is.


daysgoby said...

The ONLY way I survive mornings around here is to make the lunches the night before and make sure hats and mittens are in their backpacks before they go to bed.

Otherwise, I'd be totally insane. (Instead of hanging on by a thread most days....)

Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to tell you that my kids are 9 and almost-11, and I *still* do this. If I have to drive them to school, I'm praying the whole trip that we get there in time for the Kiss & Fly line, so I don't have to walk into school to sign them in!

Anonymous said...

good thing you're not an attorney anymore.

Bethany said...

I think this is cute- you're an amazing mom in a million ways... definitely don't sweat this one! :)

Hip Mom's Guide said...

I try to make the lunches the night before, too--at least the sandwiches. But, really, I've got to admit that I don't see a single thing wrong with dropping off i pajamas. Why on earth would you lose precious sleep to get up & do your hair at that hour?

As for Colin, I wish I could wear footed pjs until 10:30AM. That sounds awesome!

Some of the best parenting advice I ever got: It's ALL a phase, and it goes quicker than you think. If you're in a tough spot, know that the phase will change soon enough & you'll be on to something new.

Hang in there!

2KoP said...

Those are some fancy pajamas, Lululemon. My boys would live in their PJs if I let them. The trouble is they never wear tops and it's getting chilly. The big question: what are you going to do about the flipflops now that November has set in. Maybe fleece lined crocs? I wish our schools had a kiss and fly zone.

Here's some hope for the future: my kids now all make their own lunches. Start this practice early and maybe you will be able to reclaim shower time.