Monday, October 12, 2009

Feeling a Little Bit Witchy, I Guess

You are gearing up for Halloween at your house too, right? Decorations, making (or in my case ordering) costumes, parties, pumpkin carving -- all that good stuff.

I didn't realize that I was so crabby about some aspects of this celebration -- but my recent posts say otherwise.

Over at Chicago Moms Blog, I wrote about the fact that I am seriously considering not handing out candy on Halloween this year. Yes, I realize that the neighborhood kids might egg our house. What's wrong with a piece of organic fruit leather, I say?

I also wrote a post for Wee Windy City complaining about the decapitated clown heads in the Marc Jacobs display window that are giving my kids nightmares. I get that Halloween has a certain scare factor, but public displays need to be appropriate for the general public (including the littlest, most easily frightened members).

Coming soon . . . less crabbiness.


selfmademom said...

I didn't read your other posts, but I think we have the same brain. I just bought pencils, stickers and puzzles to give out for Halloween instead of candy and I was completely horrified to see that display on Damen this past weekend. FREAKY! One would think they could do better things with their money!

Bobby said...

I love halloween, but I understand feeling a bit witchy. There is a lot to think about this time of year and it can be a bit scary for younger children. However, it is a wonderful holiday for the kids so getting into the "spirit" may be a good idea. How can you possibly resist all those kiddies in their spooky costumes? Embrace it. Pass out candy, decorate and have a happy halloween!