Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Big and Little

These are tough times for Brendan.
He was just starting to really experiment with some typical two-year-old behaviors. You know, coming out of his room after bedtime, having overly emotional breakdowns over limitations on his candy cane consumption, refusal to wear anything other than his soccer uniform, etc.
And then this new baby came along.
Brendan has stepped effortlessly into his big brother role. It is as if he has just been waiting for someone to come along that he could boss around (much the way he gets bossed around).
When Colin sneezes, Brendan admonishes him to "sneeze into your arm, Colin. You spreadin' your germs!"
If Colin is crying, Brendan kindly reminds him, "Stop whining Colin. You got to be more patient."
But he is still my sweet boy. He greets the baby with a "Hi Colin" in his sweetest voice. He offers to cuddle him when he fusses. He gives Colin big, messy kisses.
I can't wait to watch what happens with these two.


Megan Murray said...

B looks so big! Your boys are too cute.

Meghan Murray said...

B is just the sweetest boy there is...I am sure that Colin will be the same!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo sweet. How nice to come over here and read this, and see pictures of those two adorable boys, after stupidly reading all of the bad news on the media sites!

Bethany said...

Love the picture of them gazing at each other. It will be so neat to watch their brotherly bond develop!