Thursday, September 11, 2008


I cut back my lavender plants last week and it all smells . . . . just lovely. I want to dry this lavender and do something with it . . . the question is . . . what exactly should I do with it?

My thought is to dry it out and use it in aromatic eye pillows. Eleanor took a yoga class last year and they had similar soft eye pillows to cover their little eyes during Shavasana (feeling calm, feeling very calm).

So my plan is to sew up two little rectangular eye pillows out of some fabric I have lying around and fill them with flax seed and dried lavender. I thought that my crazy little monkeys could use these when we are having some "quiet time."

Anybody else have a good idea on how to best use dried lavender?


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good chance to make teacher gifts.

Eliza said...

Have you ever made lavender bottles/lavender wands? They make lovely sachets for drawers or for hanging in closets.