Monday, August 4, 2008

Making Art From the Recycling Bin

I have a new piece in the August issue of Chicago Parent about creating beautiful artwork from items you have around your house. Two of the project ideas are Olympic-themed so check them out for the Opening Ceremonies this Friday.

This is a photo of Ellie modeling some of the finished projects. Where would I be without my little muse and able assistant? She is the sweetest girl.
When she is older, I hope that she remembers fondly the times that we spent painting, cutting, building and creating together. I know that I will.


Megan Murray said...

Oh I just love her!

DesignerHER Momma said...

how could she not remember?! It is so fun that you take the time to do those things. I have a huge crafting 3 year old in my midst and we are up to our ears in crafts daily. long as mom has energy that is!

Bethany said...

Such cute ideas to get ready for the Olympics! Ellie is probably around the right age that she might be interested in some of the events now!

Anonymous said...

okay, I seriously need to get over my craft phobias and start doing some of this cool stuff!