Sunday, May 25, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

My Chicago Mom Blog friend Cindy (check out her thoughtful blog here) tagged me to list six random things about myself. She actually tagged me about a month ago and I am just getting around to it now (with apologies for my tardiness). Here goes.

ONE: My favorite book is The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner. When I was dating my (now) husband, he bought me a first edition and I absolutely knew that I had to get him to marry me.

TWO: I am a little bit obsessed with grapefruits. I probably ate over one hundred grapefruits this past winter. I like grapefruit-scented candles, body scrub, cleaning supplies, dish soap -- pretty much whatever I can find.

THREE: Despite the fact that I am nearly thirty-two years old, I still have trouble telling my left hand from my right. I am serious. Those who have driven in a car with me can attest to this bizarre handicap.

FOUR: I have a container of powedered, sugary hot chocolate hidden in the back of one of my cabinets and I make myself a secret cup when my kids are napping. Addict.

FIVE: One of my favorite indulgences is the $7.99 bunch of oriental lilies from Trader Joe's. I put them in a vase next to my bed and the oh-so-lovely smell tricks me into thinking that I am waking up in a B&B in the south of France, heading downstairs for a breakfast of freshly-baked croissants.

SIX: I am the slowest runner on the face of the earth. Strangely slow. Always last in gym class slow. If my toddler got up a good head of steam, he could beat me in a foot race.

Now for the tricky part -- who to tag. I don't have too many blogging buddies and I have another tagging waiting for me to do later this week, so I am going to break the rules and only tag three people.

Christina at MamaNeena

Carrie at My Funny, Funny Family

Jen at the EcoChic UrbanOrganizer

Here are the rules ladies:

Link to the person that tagged you.

Post the rules on your blog.

Write six random things about yourself in a blog post.

Tag six (my amendment: tag however many people you want to) people.

Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their post.

Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

Well, that was kind of fun!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am so bad at my left & right. My 5 year old is better at it than me...


Cindy Fey said...

My trick - hold up your hands with the palms facing away from you and the thumbs parallel to the ground. The left thumb and forefinger make an "L"!

The Hen said...

I constantly have to use that hand trick!

Jen Khatchatrian said...

I posted my 6 random things & was suprised at my comments. Very cathartic! Check it out...
Hope to see you soon!!