Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brendan Hearts Diego

On average, Brendan says, "Watch Diego" about twenty times a day. On occasion, I will acquiesce and turn on the only Go Diego Go! episode available on On Demand. Brendan sits totally riveted to the tale of a tapir (whatever that is) riding a train.

This morning the Diego infatuation went to the next level. While changing Brendan's diaper, I was saying (well, singing really), "I love you. I love you." And Brendan's response? "I wuv Diego." Sigh.


Selfmademom said...

It could be worse. Your son could be obsessed with Dora. And, the tapir episode KILLS the "boo boo on the pygmy marmoset" episode we've got on Tivo here. Yeah, I've seen it that many times.

Anonymous said...

My son commonly refers to this as 'Go Badego, Go!'

I just don't get the appeal, though the theme can certainly get stuck in your head for days!

The Hen said...

Diego, Badego, whatever. Still good for 25 minutes of entertainment in a pinch.