Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Green City Market! The Green City Market!

This morning after dropping Ms. Eleanor at school, Brendan and I made our first trip of the season to my beloved Green City Market. And boy, did it deliver! Here is a little run down on how we spent our market time:

(1) We got Brendan registered as a member of the Sprouts Club, where he can taste a new food each week. When he gets eight punches on his membership card, he wins an apron. We got off to a rocky start when he threw his sample watercress on the ground and passed his cheese sample off to Mama (it was delicious). Better luck next week.

(2) Next, we purchased a habanero pepper plant for our vegetable garden. David has declared that all food would taste better if we added just a little bit of chilies or peppers so hopefully he will enjoy this surprise. This purchase officially qualifies me to join the (no doubt) quite small group of Chicagoans who are trying to grow things like swiss chard and habaneros in little city gardens. Certainly experimental.

(3) Crepe time. Brendan and I split a butter and sugar buckwheat crepe. I am considering asking for a crepe griddle for my birthday so I can get a crepe operation going for weekend breakfasts. I am confident that Brendan would definitely agree that it was worth the five minute wait where he stood next to the griddle, fork in hand, saying "cepe, cepe, cepe" over and over.

(4) We purchased the makings of an entirely "spring market" dinner: sunflower spouts, and french radishes to be combined with chives and baby lettuce from our own garden for a salad (with some gorgonzola or feta sprinkled on top). Plus, some Russian banana potatoes to roast and toss with butter and parsley. And we picked up a baguette from Bleeding Heart Bakery to serve warm alongside the salad. Doesn't that sound lovely and light?

An excellent first market of the summer.

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