Monday, September 17, 2007

Our First Harvest

We have an apple tree in our new backyard. We love it . . . and we have no idea what to do with it. Currently, every squirrel and bird in Wicker Park is having breakfast, lunch, and dinner munching apples in our tree (at least twenty birds at all times). And the half-pecked, rotting apples fall to the ground at a rate of about thirty a day, only to then become totally ant-infested. This becomes quite a mess if not promptly tended to.

On Saturday, we had a "harvest." Well, as much of a harvest as we could manage with a ten foot ladder, two disinterested kids, and no proper apple picking apparatus. I have to look into getting some advice on proper backyard orcharding.

On to the upside of the apple tree. . . I made a delicious apple crisp for dessert on Sunday night from our apples. Pretty amazing to have "our apples." I am going to obtain a better picking tool so we can do some additional harvesting.

And the birds that the apple tree attracts to our yard are amazing. Ellie is out there with her Illinois Field Guide to Birds checking them out. Our favorite is our female downy woodpecker (see picture). Ellie is desperate for a Scarlet Tanager because it is red . . . her favorite color.

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AliBlahBlah said...

Beautiful photos, and I love your Header!