Saturday, September 8, 2007

Is It Time?

I awoke on Wednesday morning to Ellie standing next to my bed asking, "Is it finally time now?" "It's time," I said.

Brush teeth. Wash face. Put on brand new outfit. Sort of make the bed. Entirely too excited to eat a proper breakfast.

We hopped into the car and, because I wasn't quite sure how long the trip to school would take us, we arrived with ten minutes to spare.

Ten long minutes of waiting for the teachers to come out and retreive the students. "Is it time, Mama?" "Do you see any teachers, Mama?" "When will it be time?"

When a teacher did appear, Ellie jumped out of the car, took her hand, informed this woman that she had a new lunchbag, said quick goodbyes to Brendan and I, and she was off.

I waited to minute to watch her walk away towards the school and I started to cry because I was overwhelmed by love for the little person that she is. My big girl.

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Serena Beltz (aka MM) said...

Oooh, this sounds like my Wed AM! Bubs had his preschool orientation but was there the entire day and I almost lost it pulling out of the parking lot! You summed up exactly what I wanted to say. They will always be our babies though, no matter how big they get! (BTW, love the Alice Waters book--it is really going to come in handy for planning dinners, especially now that I have a "commute" (3 miles to school each way!) again.