Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Matroyshka Dolls

The Matryoshka dolls have arrived . . . all the way from Vancouver.

Lidiya on the left and Polina on the right.

Lovingly handmade by Ella Pederson. Beautiful work by a talented artisan.

I am saving one for Ellie for Christmas and giving the other to the daughter of a cherished friend. So hard to choose . . .

I love the idea of a little girl having a special doll that was made for her. Something all her own.

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Kelly McCants said...

Wow those are so beautiful! I bet your chick are delighted! Modern June here! I hear you loud and clear about the kiddo's destroying tables. I have table number two since have children, the last one was an Ikea scratch-dent table. One would have thought I could not get any worse but it can.

Oilcloth and kids are a good mix! I would love to make you a custom table cloth. You can reach me via email at!

Thank you so much, Kelly