Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm still here. Are you?

I know that it seems like I have fallen off the face of the blogging world. I can assure you that I am still here -- just trying to do too many things all at once (as usual). Bogged down with all of my blogs, I guess.

I've been working on a special summer project over at ChicagoNow that has been keeping me busy. I am writing a blog called School's Out! about family-friendly activities in and around Chicago (and also chronicling our family excursion up to the Wisconsin Dells). And of course, I've been continuing with Wee Windy City as well. So if you are looking for fun things to do with your kids in Chicago this summer, I'd love for you to take a peek at these sites to get some (hopefully helpful) ideas.

I have all sorts of posts in my head that I still want to share here -- and I hope to get to them in the coming weeks. You're on summer schedule too, right? (Say yes).

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Anonymous said...

I always stop by when you post :o)