Monday, May 10, 2010

Lip Smackin' Good

Honey Tangerine on the left and Pink Peppermint on the right.

For my May craft column in Chicago Parent Magazine, I wrote about how to make your own lip balm.

Ellie and I worked on this project together and we are pretty pleased with the results. I have been holding off on posting about the lip balm because I gifted little tins of it to many of the mommies in my life yesterday.

Any way, this makes a good little homemade gift. And it is also nice to keep for yourself too.


Bethany said...

Lip Smackin' Good is right- Emma comes over with pouty lips and asks for it. It really lasts a long time too! Thank you for sharing your lip balm making skills with us!

Megan Murray Elsener said...

It's great! I am loving it.

Meghan Murray said...

Yes, it is great! Seamus did get a hold of it and proceeded to smear it on the counter....but other than that, I am loving it. Thank you!

2KoP said...

Oy, where do you find so much time to craft and write and cook and parent. You make Martha Stewart look like a slacker.