Friday, April 16, 2010

Green Guide Families

I find that reference books are pretty handy things to have around. For example, when I am not sure what product I should use to make my stainless steel sink shine, I consult with Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook.

Similarly, when I am wondering whether there are natural remedies that could rid my son of his chronic runny nose, I take a peek at Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child.

And now I have a new book to add to the ol' reference library -- Green Guide Families: The Complete Reference For Eco-friendly Parents by Catherine Zandonella.

This book really is a comprehensive reference when is comes to "green" parenting issues. Rather than sitting down to read it from cover-to-cover, I began by reading the entire table of contents and then I dug deeper into the chapters that really interested me.

I especially liked the advice on how to raise a child who cares about the well-being of other people and our planet in Chapter 5 and the words of warning about toxins in every-day products found in Chapters 1 and 6. I was also impressed by the creative ideas for "greening" birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and family vacations.

Green Guide Families manages to provide a ton of helpful information -- but without judgment or condescension. As someone who is responsible for the well-being of three small people, I am always looking for information on how to live a more sustainable life. But I also don't want to feel ashamed of the fact that I drive an SUV or plan on using Cubs paper plates at my son's upcoming birthday party.

I think that Green Guide Families is a great addition to our family reference shelf. Want to take a look and see if this book is something that would be helpful for your family? I am happy to lend out my copy. Just leave a comment on this post or email me at ahenandtwochicks@gmail and I will send it your way.

*As a contributor to the Chicago Moms Blog and a member of the SVMoms Book Club, I was provided with a free copy of Green Guide Families.


Cindy Fey said...

I took a peek inside this book and found a section on "green" cruises that I couldn't stomach. Nothing about taking a cruise seems eco-friendly. Now you've made me curious again - perhaps I judged the book too quickly.

Caitlin Murray Giles said...


I have to confess that I didn't even read the part about "green" cruises because I would never go on a cruise so I had no interest. I did find some of the other section of the book helpful though.

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