Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Fabulous Life of Fifteen-Month-Old Colin

Aside from the fact that he seems to catch every single bug that his big brother and sister bring home from school, this little man has it pretty good.

He loves his blankie, looking for dogs, the constant entertainment provided by Eleanor and Brendan, and "coloring" at the table in his Stokke chair like a big kid.

He is generous with hugs and (wet, wet, sometimes with a little bite) kisses.

He spends the majority of his waking hours banging on the back door saying "Out. Out. Out." in an effort to get someone to take him to the backyard and pull him around in the wagon.

He says: Dadd-ee!, out, Ellie, Mommommom, dawg (dog), orse (horse), didi (bird), rain, bub (bubbles), ooose (shoes), ish (the cheddar-flavored kind) and ball.

He nods his head "yes" or "no" so emphatically in response to questions that he sometimes knocks himself over.

He loves to jump up and down.

He eats an entire avocado almost every day. And he loves breakfast sausage (he is a boy, after all). Other than that, things are pretty finicky in the food department.

He'll happily show you his head, toes and big belly.

When he walks, he sways side-to-side and swings his arms like he is hearing music in his head.

He is obsessed with toothbrushes (and is amazing good at sneaking into bathrooms to steal them when the door is even slightly ajar).

He is teaching himself to play t-ball (seriously -- he gets the ball, puts it on the tee and tries to lift the bat and swing at it.)

When he waves hello or goodbye, his moves his wrist up and down in the cutest flapping motion.

And he is always up for a good game of peek-a-boo.

A fabulous fifteen-month-old indeed.


Megan Murray Elsener said...

He is the sweetest 15 month old I know...and I've seen the tball skills, pretty impressive already.

Meghan Murray said...

best godson around!

Bethany said...

From another doting aunt... I love everything about that 15-month-old! So sweet.

Anne-Marie said...

He is also Baby Will's first friend. Will loves Colin. We have to get together soon!

Cindy Fey said...

What? Whoa, this is your little baby from last year? Big man!