Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Beginning of a Tomato Onslaught

So it's possible that I have overplanted. This delicious little guy has about two hundred friends of various colors and shapes that aren't too far behind him.

Anybody want to come over and teach me how to can tomatoes?


Anonymous said...

No need to can the tomatoes. I will be more than happy to take a bunch off of your hands. And by "bunch" I mean all of them.

The Hen said...

So glad to hear this Sam. We should use some to make pizzas.

Arr said...

I would love to can tomatoes with you. We could make salsa, and spaghetti sauce, and stewed tomatoes, and diced tomatoes. Sadly for my grand plans, my tomato invasion started yesterday, with the first Roma begging to be picked and eaten immediately. He ninety bajillion cousins are getting ready to pop al at the same time.

Oh yeah, slow roasted tomato slices in the oven, yummy!