Friday, May 15, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Life is busy. In my spare moments, I have been able to have a few (very, very few) coherent thoughts. Here they are:

Do you know where the best Chicago-area family-friendly beaches are? I do. Summer 2009 Going Places

I say why buy sugar-and-high-fructose-laden popsicles from the store with pictures of Dora on them when you can make your own (they will taste better and be better for you anyway). Also in Summer 2009 Going Places.

And finally, over at the Chicago Moms Blog, a mini-rant against those "natural parent" types (some, not all) who make you feel like they are better than you because they use cloth diapers and you don't.

Happy weekend.


Catherine said...

I'm definietly looking up both - thanks!

Tan Family said...

Great links! Thank you. :) Perfect weather for making popsicles.