Saturday, May 30, 2009

Play Ball

It is baseball season around here. When I am watering my garden or weeding, I am frequently chided for standing in the "baseball field."

Brendan hits the ball off the tee and rounds imaginary bases three or four times while shouting, "Mom, cheer for me!"

Dad is met at the door in the evening with the same daily plea: "Play baseball with us!" He gladly obliges.

We watch Cubs games together all squished on our couch. Both Ellie and Brendan have fascinating insights and commentary. Ellie proudly points out the pitcher, batter, catcher and "vampire." Brendan constantly asks when the tv is going to show the dugout and the "ballpin."

Both of our sluggers had their first t-ball practice today. Just to be extra cute, they hugged while they waited in line for their next at bat.

And it is still May. We're just getting going.


Bethany said...

Cutest baseball players ever. I am glad we got to see their "practice" before the season began!

2KoP said...

Beware the onslaught of "baseball lawn", where the bases are permanently etched into your greenery. My parent's yard never recovered.