Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shoo Flu, Don't Bother Me

Brendan got it first. Now Ellie is sick too. David and I can't be far behind. The stomach flu has come to our house.

Comfort. Scrub. Bathe. Launder. Cuddle. Repeat.

Despite their ailments, my patients really couldn't be any sweeter. "Is it okay if I just stay in my jammies today?" Brendan asked. "My tummy isn't feeling like its usual self," Ellie declared at about nine o'clock last night -- shortly before getting really, really sick.

We are hoping that this skips little Colin who seems entirely too small to endure something like the stomach flu. Ugggh.


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Megan Murray said...

Poor kiddos!

Heidi said...

We got it last month (see The 2 month old was spared, according to our pediatrician, because he is breastfed. Of course I got so dehydrated, he did get a few bottles of formula. Her suggestion to keep it from wiping out the entire house was - wait for it - hand washing. Gee, never would have thought of that... (insert eye-roll.) Good luck to you - may your stay in mega-laundry land be short.

Bethany said...

Poor things! Hope you, David, and Colin are able to avoid it and that E and B are better soon!

Serena said...

Something is going around school I bet. Nik fell asleep at AFTERSCHOOL and Mike had to wake him up to take him home. He's gotten sick far...Lukas is running around like the maniac he is so I hope he doesn't get whatever his brother has.

Stay well--at least we can open the windows and air out the house a bit!

Farrah said...

Oh, I hope you are germ-free and on the mend! The flu is SO yucky!! I hope baby Colin didn't get it! :(

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